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Do not disparage the power of the receipt

If anything, I am certain in my certainty. One of my dear friends who help me out with the chores that I used to do without thinking* used a mop she had bought from a local grocer. She said after using it that she would take it back as it wasn’t any good. I remarked, “Oh, I doubt they’ll take it back after it’s used.” In response, she said, “Well we still have the receipt.” “But it’s been used.” (All kindly banter but we were both sure of our own comments.) She brought this up today while helping me again and the same conversation ensued. After several iterations, I put a bet on it. A gentleman’s bet for woman but I would still happily pay as I was sure she would come back with the mop, even visualizing the service-counter-help actually saying to her, “No, we cannot take it back as it’s been used.” She came back with nine dollars, some odd cents and a big smile on her face announcing, “I win,” she proclaimed joyfully. I was equally amazed and joyed, adamant that they would never take anything back they couldn’t resell. This ingrained in me by “the box and packaging theory of technology” for any returns. (You know the drill.) I made ritualistic bowing gestures and told her that money was hers to keep as it wouldn’t exist in my house otherwise. And it was because of her innocent face that they actually did that because if I had brought it back with my worldly or world-weary face, they would tell me,”!#$%^&*!@#$!”. Again, I am certain of the latter. We are now bantering on who gets to keep the money. I’m sure I will win this one. Certain of it. 
Moral of the story? Keep your receipts and if you don’t like something, take it back. This is a consumer driven economy and if a product is not worth the money charged you, it should be returned. Instead of voting with your feet it’s voting with a receipt.
This should help all writers on a shoe-string budget to continue writing. It’s so easy to get rid of those pesky little slips, but in the long run, you may be throwing away good money you could use
to eat while continuing to write.
P.S. By the way, I did pay up on my bet.: $10. And that is another lesson: Don’t gamble or make bets.
You could lose the money you need to eat while continuing to write. (Add wry grin here.)


4 thoughts on “Do not disparage the power of the receipt

  1. jamesholland211 says:

    I think it’s hilarious the way you say you are so certain and stick by it. lol

    I learned this one from my mom when I was a kid. She did not care. If it did not work the way she expected it to she would take it back in a heartbeat. And she ALWAYS got her money back.

    As with my dad, he would just pile it into the garage and buy a brand new one the next day without and fuss at all. So different. I guess I probably got a little of both of them.

  2. Until I became a writer, I never returned things. Now that my income is way down, I take a hard look at whether a product has delivered. But I still keep things I should return.

    “Instead of voting with your feet it’s voting with a receipt.”

    Just like many people are too lazy to vote in politics, many people (myself included), are often too lazy to vote in commerce. We ought to utilize the power we’ve been given! I like it.

    • Hi, Amit! Wanted to thank you for your kind comments. Good to see you here. I agree though not so much laziness as a thought that they would never take things back. I think they are doing more of that with the economy as they know people have many choices at their disposal and can go where ever the customer service is the best. Glad you like the post. Next one after I get over hospital, et al is coming up. Thanks again for the visit.

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