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The delightful Annabel Candy from Successful Blogging has been kind enough to offer her release to share the following WordPress Plug-ins. These are by no means all of the plug-ins offered for WordPress, but the ones that she finds most helpful. I agree with her and thus present the following for your perusal. Please note an update that Annabel sent me that is critical to one of these plug-ins (for those with .org sites) at http://thepointofthequill.com.

Blogging Tips A-Z: P for Plug-ins

I recommend WordPress shamelessly – apart from being easy to use it also has the widest number of plug-ins available. Plug-ins are extras you install on your blog that take care of specific things for you and have special functions.

Many of them are exclusive to WordPress but these are the essential plug-ins I use are:

  1. Akismet – to catch all those spam comments;
  2. Blog editorial calendar;
  3. Tweetmeme retweet button;
  4. Tweet old posts;
  5. Facebook share;
  6. Sticky post so one blog post can be featured;
  7. Broken link checker;
  8. Contact commenters;
  9. Google XML site maps;
  10. Post plug-in library which can show similar posts, random posts or popular posts;
  11. Redirection to manage 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors when pages aren’t found;
  12. Secure WordPress;
  13. W3 total cache to improve site speed;
  14. WordPress print.

Google them and think about which plug-ins will help you blog smarter and make your blog more functional and fun.

Got questions or recommend other plug-ins you can’t live without? Leave a comment below.


5 thoughts on “WordPress Plug-ins

    • I will check it out. I always ask, “What would Seth do?” He has been getting some criticism of late for being “too philosophical”. I think it’s from people who don’t have a fully formed prefrontal cortex. Best.

  1. Are these plug-ins available for WordPress.com or only WordPress.org? I was under the impression that the dot com site is much more limited in plug-in potential (although it still has many great widgets).

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