Hello to All. There is a Contest at My Other Site!

Hello to all of you. I sure miss the community here. And the lack of having to take care of the ‘back pages’. Believe me, it is a chunk of time each day that just disappears. And money!

But I stopped by to tell you not only how much I miss you but that there is a contest going on at http://thepointofthequill.com

Since I am spending so much time over there, I didn’t want to leave you out of the drawing on Friday (just posted about an hour ago). That’s Dec. 14th, at midnight Eastern Time.

I had accumulated more subscribers than I expected in a little over a month and since I had started it out as an incentive for my subscribers to take the trouble to sign up again on a coded form for them to be used by my new form and list builder (and down the road, forum or community page), I needed to give them a deadline and incentive. And since I was promoting it I needed to open it up to anyone. So, voila. You are all invited.

I have been updating and adding onto the Writer’s Toolkit over at that page so check it out. And speaking of deadlines, I have a few this week minus the doctors appointments. Calendar is full and wallet is thin. Be happy here. I remember how much i was and it is such a relief to come back. I get many of your newsletters in my email and then sign in to see what all of you are saying. Truly, you are the best of neighbors. Thus, I wanted to let you know of all of the ‘goings-on’. Drop me a line and let me know how you are. I would love to hear from you!







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