Having a Bad Day?

I am. This helps. We’ve all read Old Man and the Sea and Moby Dick. When did this relationship become two-way? It’s nice to think about.

No it is not a whale, but a whale shark. But still, the incident is breathtaking.


And this one had me crying for a different reason, with smiles and tears.


3 thoughts on “Having a Bad Day?

  1. Well, hi there dear. So good to see you here. Yes, I have always been fascinated with animals and sea life since I was a child. I have rescued more animals and been rescued in turn than I can say. And there is something about whales, dolphins, squid (believe it or not) and other creatures of the sea that have shown me just how much we can learn from them and how little we know about them. The sonar communication in whales and dolphins is amazing to me.
    Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed these videos as much as I did.

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