Can Anyone Give Me a Hand?
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Can Anyone Give Me a Hand?


It is time for me to roll out the red carpet for my awards ceremony thanks to TLN and his award. I will have to wait a bit though as I have had an injury of sorts.

Before I go further, I want to thank the beautiful Cheryl Moore for dedicating part of her ongoing story to me. She writes and draws at Unbound Boxes Limping Gods , an incredible work in progress. Both her words and artwork are a dream. I had written her after being transfixed with a drawing of one of her characters, Ancille , that seemed to me to move off the page, so enlivened was her artwork. The amazing thing is she thanked me for her work of art. How that generosity of spirit manifests is itself a thing of beauty. Thank you, Cheryl.

I haven’t written lately due to a hand injury. I had lost the use of my dominant hand. I couldn’t will a finger up if I tried. Now there is a revolving door of sweet nurses, talented physical therapists, occupational therapists; and I must leave shortly for a doctor’s appointment.

Thanks to an angel of a friend, I have now Dragon, the speech-to-text software which still is trying to learn the funny ways of my speech and thanks to a dear friend, Jen, a wonderful headphone and mic. Thank you, Jen.

The hand is getting better, but it has been very frustrating. This happened just after I was accepted with a scholarship to The Story Cartel. I am reminded of the injury my brother sustained as a violinist when he broke a wrist bone. He went into a severe depression due to his limitations. Though my reaction has been somewhat different, there have been periods of, well, even a writer finds it hard to find words for the abysmal feelings we must fight against as if our very soul depends upon it. In many ways, I believe it does; our soul must create and any wall we encounter to that goal seems higher as our spirit is crushed further. My fight has been both physical and spiritual; but I am fighting. I am fighting the good fight, as a writing friend has stated.

Though it sounded quiet Freudian to me, it turned out to be an autoimmune reaction; as it was explained to me. The circuits between the hand and brain just stopped. Okay. Whatever; I just wanted my hand back. It was quite timely as May is the month of Lupus Awareness Month. Ironically, the Lupus Association decided this year that a symbol of awareness and solidarity for a cure would be to hold your right hand up in an L-shape. I just had to laugh as this disease is nothing if not ironic.

I must go to the dreaded doctor but I will be back to post more and will be visiting all of you as I have missed you. Be well and happy.


5 thoughts on “Can Anyone Give Me a Hand?

  1. I’m applauding you right now, LJT… your valiant struggle reminds me of Saint Francis and his ordeal. I’m reading Kazantzakis’ novel, “Saint Francis”, and I’m understanding more deeply than ever the role of suffering in the spiritual ascent. In fact I`m blown away. Here’s to being blown away! Oh, and don’t worry, I can hear the sound of your one hand clapping.

    • That is my favorite koan both when I was studying Buddhism at university and to this day. I tried to write you at LinkedIn the following, but it wouldn’t allow me so I must leave it here.:
      I have been up late and woke up early and still have not found the nerve to answer your dear comment. You are the second to say that to me and having the most understand of God through the worst of the pain and fevers tells me something. It says nothing of me though and says everything about God. The words that come to us so lithely as writers do not serve God well. A little made-up language that the children play with to get through their time on earth; space and time being so utterly boring. I thank you for your comment; as always, it was timely and thought-provoking.

      • Lee… I want to take this thought a little further, and “god willing” I will finds some words to nudge it along in a blog post I hope to write and publish later today. Once again, it concerns Saint Francis, my current infatuation. Cheers!

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