Can Anyone Give Me a Hand?
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Can Anyone Give Me a Hand?


It is time for me to roll out the red carpet for my awards ceremony thanks to TLN and his award. I will have to wait a bit though as I have had an injury of sorts.

Before I go further, I want to thank the beautiful Cheryl Moore for dedicating part of her ongoing story to me. She writes and draws at Unbound Boxes Limping Gods , an incredible work in progress. Both her words and artwork are a dream. I had written her after being transfixed with a drawing of one of her characters, Ancille , that seemed to me to move off the page, so enlivened was her artwork. The amazing thing is she thanked me for her work of art. How that generosity of spirit manifests is itself a thing of beauty. Thank you, Cheryl.

I haven’t written lately due to a hand injury. I had lost the use of my dominant hand. I couldn’t will a finger up if I tried. Now there is a revolving door of sweet nurses, talented physical therapists, occupational therapists; and I must leave shortly for a doctor’s appointment.

Thanks to an angel of a friend, I have now Dragon, the speech-to-text software which still is trying to learn the funny ways of my speech and thanks to a dear friend, Jen, a wonderful headphone and mic. Thank you, Jen.

The hand is getting better, but it has been very frustrating. This happened just after I was accepted with a scholarship to The Story Cartel. I am reminded of the injury my brother sustained as a violinist when he broke a wrist bone. He went into a severe depression due to his limitations. Though my reaction has been somewhat different, there have been periods of, well, even a writer finds it hard to find words for the abysmal feelings we must fight against as if our very soul depends upon it. In many ways, I believe it does; our soul must create and any wall we encounter to that goal seems higher as our spirit is crushed further. My fight has been both physical and spiritual; but I am fighting. I am fighting the good fight, as a writing friend has stated.

Though it sounded quiet Freudian to me, it turned out to be an autoimmune reaction; as it was explained to me. The circuits between the hand and brain just stopped. Okay. Whatever; I just wanted my hand back. It was quite timely as May is the month of Lupus Awareness Month. Ironically, the Lupus Association decided this year that a symbol of awareness and solidarity for a cure would be to hold your right hand up in an L-shape. I just had to laugh as this disease is nothing if not ironic.

I must go to the dreaded doctor but I will be back to post more and will be visiting all of you as I have missed you. Be well and happy.

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Have You Lost It Completely?


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Tired of the day-to-day grind? Tired of all of the must do now society? Are you just tired?

Do you remember the days of yore when you jumped through the rain puddles and not over them?

When you caught fireflies in a glass jar to wonder at them and them set then free to fly again and light up?

The honeysuckle bushes that smelled so sweet you breathed heavily, deep with wonder? Then plucked one tiny flower to pull that mysterious stem out and put it on your tongue to taste the sweet nectar?

We knew no rush and tumble then. Only long days.

Do you remember the book, the one book that transported you to another world? Where you felt yourself being guided through the story by an unknown being? You were caught in the garden labyrinth with trouble just behind you?

You were there. No memory was as sweet and true as this one. You were there as truly as you sit here now.

Why can’t we find that again? Is it irreparably lost to us? I say, “No. Never”

Never will I let that world disappear. For if I did, I would lose part of my soul.

Don’t ever lose the magic of discovery and innocence. We are all still children in this  beautiful world. You can be dignified and adult and still, quietly hold that special wonder in your side pocket during meetings.

Try it. You might find yourself smiling. Once again.

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An Introduction to Procrastination, Neuroscience, and Writer’s Block

English: A Diagram of procrastination cycle. T...

English: A Diagram of procrastination cycle. Task features, internal factors, irrational beliefs, behavior and consequences are shown. used for a university assessment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a new article up at The Point of the Quill.

Please come over and say hi.

I’ve been loving all of your posts!

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Neil Gaiman in a Commencement Address; Some of the Best Best Advise for Writers of All Kinds.

Saw this on the Writers Blog and had to reblog it here. Thanks, Ali! Do note that the contest on is still going on until Friday 14th midnight Eastern. You must put your data into the fields in order for you to be entered into the drawing. Sit back and enjoy this. Nearly every word is golden. I will watch it weekly if not more. (I had no time to watch it with deadlines, reviews, posts, letters, W.I.P., and then stopped to realized one point that totally took my deadline worry away. Thank you, Neil.

If you have a problem viewing the post please go here. (It’s a vimeo video…you know.)

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Video now another authors’ new platform?

Do Authors Have Time to Do All that is Required of Them and Write a Book???
I have run into a great number of writer websites and blogs that are posting a very professional looking video. These videos often are from sites such as and are essentially a trailer for their new book. Now normally, when we hear the word ‘trailer’ we think of movies, and movie production companies put a great deal of money and time into their trailers for each of their movies, as that will get tickets sold and “…in seats” as it is referred to in the business. However, authors are now using this same tool not to sell tickets but to sell their books. And each video, from the ones I have viewed boast high quality and professional effects. This takes a great deal of time, I would imagine, as the production artist would need (and, of course, want) to read the book and then pull all of the actors (and pay them), sets, costumes, etc. into the video and then schedule a shooting day. Cut the video, do production values, screen it for the author (who is footing the bill), and then upload it to their site or YouTube on whichever account agreed to or both the production company’s account and the authors, if they have one. That’s a lot of time and money. Forget the time and money the author put into to write the book, promote it, send it around to publishing houses, et al, or if they are indie publishers (which a lot of these authors are), the cost would be on top of the cost of publishing their work. As it appears to be the oevre du jour, what do you think about this, yet another, platform that authors must consider? My own opinion is that it is a wonderful way to market, as the marketing industry is saturated; but also a great deal of expense in addition to the other expenses required to “get your book out there”. Please let me know by commenting and also use the feed buttons to let others contribute to this conversation. Happy writing!