Having a Bad Day?

I am. This helps. We’ve all read Old Man and the Sea and Moby Dick. When did this relationship become two-way? It’s nice to think about.

No it is not a whale, but a whale shark. But still, the incident is breathtaking.


And this one had me crying for a different reason, with smiles and tears.

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Have You Lost It Completely?


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Tired of the day-to-day grind? Tired of all of the must do now society? Are you just tired?

Do you remember the days of yore when you jumped through the rain puddles and not over them?

When you caught fireflies in a glass jar to wonder at them and them set then free to fly again and light up?

The honeysuckle bushes that smelled so sweet you breathed heavily, deep with wonder? Then plucked one tiny flower to pull that mysterious stem out and put it on your tongue to taste the sweet nectar?

We knew no rush and tumble then. Only long days.

Do you remember the book, the one book that transported you to another world? Where you felt yourself being guided through the story by an unknown being? You were caught in the garden labyrinth with trouble just behind you?

You were there. No memory was as sweet and true as this one. You were there as truly as you sit here now.

Why can’t we find that again? Is it irreparably lost to us? I say, “No. Never”

Never will I let that world disappear. For if I did, I would lose part of my soul.

Don’t ever lose the magic of discovery and innocence. We are all still children in this  beautiful world. You can be dignified and adult and still, quietly hold that special wonder in your side pocket during meetings.

Try it. You might find yourself smiling. Once again.

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An Introduction to Procrastination, Neuroscience, and Writer’s Block

English: A Diagram of procrastination cycle. T...

English: A Diagram of procrastination cycle. Task features, internal factors, irrational beliefs, behavior and consequences are shown. used for a university assessment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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The Town that Evil Visited.

I wrote to a friend twenty minutes from the place where ‘evil visited’, that I struggled to find words, any words to give voice to the grief and incomprehension of this quiet village erupting in gunfire and twenty children still laid out on the school floor and not in the arms of their parents as they read them a good night’s story. He, also a writer and a father to two little children, was wondering how he would explain evil to his kids. Against one horrible image in my mind laid next to another, I see parents watch their children’s school mates being picked up by their parents and worried off to home until the announcement that “There will be no more reunions.” The horror of that moment -couldn’t that have been avoided? If nothing else, couldn’t just that have been avoided?

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