Busy blogger? Free, simple tip to keep your correspondence organized.

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Evernote, photo cred: Fiddler Studios

Do you feel that you often write more on other people’s blogs than your own? Do you remember what you wrote and why? Is the blogosphere coming at you at an alarming rate? Reading and commenting at top speeds; faster than the speed of light? Those comments, if they are substantive, can lead to guest posts down the line if you remember what and where you posted the darn things. I have a simple tool to help you.

I’ve been touting Evernote since it’s inception. I always got a blank stare and had to explain-until lately. Now everyone is talking about it and hopefully using it. Here is a simple tool to keep track of your comments you write at lightening speed. Once you have posted the comments, copy them and save them with your Evernote dashboard applet. This is key as the applet will save the url of the site you have posted on with the specific article that you commented on.

Save it under a simple and easy to remember tag line, like “blog comments”. You can then pull up your comments when you have time and query those bloggers pointing to the specific post that you commented on. This will build on an already established relationship that the blogger you are querying can see posted at the bottom of your e-mail to them. Bloggers are always interested in those who comment and comment with purpose and insight. If you have done both you will be able to build upon their trust in you (as it is founded) and further your request.

If you haven’t gotten Evernote yet, go to http://evernote.com to get a free version. If you would like a premium version, it is just $5 a month. So little for what you get from them. Remember to check out David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’. Best book ever written for getting that dreaded To Do list whittled down to nothing.

Happy Blogging. And write like there is no tomorrow.