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Great links added every day. Come back each day and you will find inspiring or useful content I’ve come across; adding them here for your benefit. Please see the most up to date page on

Remember to keep going to the bottom. Some of the best things are hidden there. This is an ongoing project for you.

December 22, 2012 New listings, as noted have been included everyday for your perusal. The best find though is through LibraryJournal reporting on a number of resources for information and research. One of those is the LexusNexus Statistical Insight Search Tool (see guidebook here and database here). LexusNexus has been aquired by ProQuest (see LibraryNews) which has opened up its doors to a vast amount of research here and here with the EBSCO databases full of over 2000 ebooks for your to download on loan via a Ebsco sign-up membership. See here. By signing up with a UBIT name, you can also access millions of eJournals here. LibraryNews also has great references for researchers and freelancers as well as authors researching books. You may also search the Library of Congress Online here. The D-Scribe collection is such a vast resource of material, you just have to visit this page.

Not sure how long this will be up: Writer’s Digest Frelance Pricing Guide. Mark Harmon @epubhelp tweeted and I retweeted. Thank Goodness for all who worked on this.

As a reminder for all of us beseiged by information; the Los Angeles Review of Books is one link easy to pass up but hard to leave once opened.

Free eBook from Content Marketers: 58 Social Media Ideas to Inspire your Content Marketing

Hootesuite has a great library of downloads for Social Media re: ROI, best practices white paper, etc. here.

Please note: Duotrope (listed below) will become a paid subscription website after Jan. 1st 2013. Even if you’ve been signed up for ages. 

the good news?

You can get Writer’s Market on a monthly basis. See link under Resources below.


And also in Resources, Content Marketing is starting December

off with a bang with a free seminars throughout December and new listings coming for the New Years. Find out what the experts are saying about upcoming media trends and campaigns.

Please note as well that these are not affiliate links nor do I endorse these links. (The only affiliate link is Amazon on the front page.)They are all from well known business and outlets and are a starting toolkit. You can skim through and pick the tools that fit best to your level and interests.

Writing forums:


Writing References:

Writing Conferences:

See Backspace for listed conferences on their site.

See Writer’s Digest for their conferences.

Examples: there are a huge number and variety, length, genre emphasis, and accommodations and staffing opportunities offered. It is best to look at your resources and begin tracking from your location and dollar amount on out. Write me if you have any questions and I will help you.

First check out the link below for the Associated Writers’ Programs. There is a wealth of information on the website that will direct you to programs.


Writer’s Online Workshops

Writer’s Digest Writing Proposal

Writing and SEO:

SEO BOOK This has a keyword suggestion tool for your aid. Highly recommended if you run a blog or websight.

Jeff Bullas



Great Websites:

Write to Done




Live Write Thrive

Nathan Bransford

Ten Thousand Tons of Ink

One of my favorite:


The Creative Penn

The PEIWG Weekly (Prince Edward Island)

Storyfix  Larry Brooks “Like an MRI for your story” re: services offered to writers. A new, exciting community newsletter and 2011 Top Ten Writing Blogs Winner/Write to Done

Porter Anderson:   I believe he is also writing for Writing on the ether that Jane Friedman wrote for before she moved on.  Porter’s site is jam-packed with up-to-the-minute publication news, writing and a list of conferences.

Preditors & Editors  If you are looking for a reputable agent, this page- is invaluable. Memorize it. They have pages set up for agents, a virtual phone book listing for each agent. They also have other pages chock full of information. Bookmark them and thank me later.

Editor Mom

Wordplay: K.M. Weiland is a virtuoso in the writing field; somehow she is very inspiring, she has that type of magic.

The Writer Unboxed


Here is a good example of what you will get from the following website:

 Writer’s Block Do not be fooled by the sparse and simple page.  It belies a wealth of information and essays going back to 1995. I mean, do you remember the computers we had back then?

An example of their various functions is an excerpt from their grammar page on tiles;

Phrasal Verbs
Some writers find it hard to decide how to capitalize a title containing a phrasal verb. Phrasal verbs are verbs whose meaning is completed by a word called a particle. For example, the verb “to give” has a different meaning than the phrasal verb “to give up”.

Like other multipurpose words, words functioning as particles must be distinguished from the same words functioning as prepositions. Particles are always capitalized because they form part of the verb. For example:

My Travels up Nova Scotia’s South Shore
(correct; “up” is functioning as a preposition and should be lowercased)

Setting up Your Computer
(wrong; “up” is functioning as a particle and should be capitalized)


The Book Designer:   Go to for self-publishing but also great articles on creativity and the process of writing.


Goodreader Blog

Writer’s Cafe (has its own software program for purchase developed by Harriet Smart)

Project Gutenberg

The Alchemy of Loss

River North Fiction

Daily Writing Tips  You will receive some amazing gifts in the mail each day. For instance, here is a link to an artcle on fossil words:  Sound boring? Don’t miss it as it is fascinating.

Lifehacker: In the link below; Kurt Vonnegut actually had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Vonnegut in my own home (Kurt as he asked me to call him. Yes, of course I’m name dropping.)

Brain Pickings One of the best pages.

The Nervous Breakdown

The Choice

Writing Prompts 

Literary Reviews and Great Publications for Writers:

Journal of Literary Theory

Writer’s Digest

The Sun

The Kenyon Review

The Writer


Virginia Quarterly Review

Poets and Writers


New York Times, of course, but their blog has some of the finest writing to be found on the web.

New York Review of Books


Los Angeles Times Review of Books At Length Magazine

World Literature Review

The New Yorker

Glimmer Train: “One of the most respected short-story journals in print, Glimmer Train Stories is represented in recent editions of the Pushcart Prize, O. Henry, New Stories from the SouthNew Stories from the Midwest, and Best American Short Stories anthologies ”  Side note: And, in my opinion, one of the most humane, humorous, and writer friendly submission guidelines you will find here (hyperlink the address below)

Paris Review

Shelf Unbound



Daily Archive

Caje Magazine

Vine Leaves Literary Journal


Listening pleasure and great author interviews:


Jonathan Franzen on Oprah.(video) Yes, I just recommended Oprah. If you like her or if you  don’t, you will love this interview as a writer. Jonathan controls the process rather than Oprah; much to her chagrin. Men’s reading group came in through Skype and the discussion is fantastically meta about the writing process. Also his interview on his writing process.

The Big Six…Five?:


Simon & Schuster

Random House

Penguin Group



Mother and writer or women helping women:

Houston Blogging Chicks

My Front Porch Swing

How to Have it All




Just to keep an eye to goals, here is a link to the Man Booker Prize page. It does happen for writers…just like you.. What follows are just some of the awards offered every year. The committee of each award culls through thousands of books in the genres they represent, and one book is chosen, but there are Finalists. If you don’t win an award (and don’t count yourself out, then each time your book is mentioned in print, it very well could be like this: “was a finalist for the……….award. Just think about that for a while. Nice thought, right?


The Booker Prize

Hugo Award


Pushcart Prize

Ignatius Award

Sidewise Award (Alternate History)

Northern California Book Award

Eisner Award

Harvey Award Myhopoei

O. Henry Award

Pulitzer Prize for Literature

National Book Award


Wordcount: The url is One of the best websites for writers of any ilk. It is subtitled a website for freelancers but it is a go to spot for any writer. In fact, it one the Write To Done website for two years in a row and it is one of the first sites I check for anything writing related. Michelle Rafter runs it superbly. She is a huge supporter of the writing community as a whole, running Twitter Chats each week and posting them on the site, blogathans, and if you subscribe you will get incredible support in all areas, including technology, apps on top of the craft of writing (and reading). Follow her on twitter as well as she puts together great apps for writers in a package, for example, and offers them up for your reference.

Snappy Sentences



Funds for Writers



Publishing Literary Agents, Agencies, and The Query

Guide to Literary Agents

Agent Query

  • Rachel Gardner  Literary Agent at Books & Such

Related articles

Help beyond the quill and ink age:

W3C Tools and definitions for computer language, online production, etc.





all things d

New York Times Bits



General Reference:

TV Tropes

Merriam-Webster Online  Research has shown that games actually have a neurological affect on synaptic speed of neurotransmittors, dendrites and neurons in the brain which increase the time of recall and may slow the aging process of the brain down over the long term. This is what all writers’ need for our future. This website has some great spelling wuizes that are worth at least one try if not a common practice for you.

Elements of the Craft We Will be Discussing:




Pacing and Scale:


Place and Setting:

Publishers and Agents:




Structure and Form:

Plot and Story Line:




Literary and Writer magazines; Print (some, like Writer’s Digest, are moving to digital)

WorldLiterature Today:

The Writer

Writer’s Digest

New Yorker

Donald Maass is one of my heroes and he is a veritable font of knowledge (though he would hate the cliché ;) and grounded advice. digital book world Seal of Ebook Approval: look up all hashtags on twitter which is a wealth of knowledge All site searches for productivity sites along with a link to dumb little man,mod=7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Tech: (less of a pro or anti Google or Facebook bias than the more popular tech sites).

Writing Conferences:

First check out the link below for the Associated Writers’ Programs. There is a wealth of information on the website that will direct you to programs.

A Good Mix:

Wikipedia but not a source ever backed up in the writing or journalistic industry.

YouTube Google Author Talks

Book tours; if you have the means or time to go to one of these along your journey or if one is booked near our home; go to it; ask the questions you want answers to; see all library for the next month author talks (you can sign up for their newsletter sent a month in advance to help you schedule it in your calendar.

Gotham Writers Workshop Book and workshop

Any author page.

For instance:

Scott Westerfield

Theresa Hupp

David McGowan


Study Guide synopsis and link: ((geared toward students:

Open source course talks by and by authors, any topic that strikes your fancy and a good way to kick off some research.

chats on twitter for writers; research










Tools to help your creativity:


bol.t on story ideas and characters,

settings, google maps and ninety second vacations on YouTube

Bo.lT I got in on it in beta and it’s marvelous for info broken down by subjects (think quora with pics and no questions just lots of answers)

settings, google maps and ninety second vacations on YouTube

Grammar Guides:

Brain Pickings: Anything you want on the creative process, writing, life..( And then some songs to boost your right brain work and play: The latter link will bring you songs paired with literary works. Today, my favorite poet/prose writer, Pablo Neruda.

Book Reviews and Outlets publishing reviews and rewards

USA Book News

The Book Report

The Best Reviews

Honest Indie Book Reviews

eNovel Reviews

Midwest Book Review

Odds and Ends for Researching:

Bookmark Magazine


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